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Amazon’s cloud is how big again?

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ABC Accounting Services:

You know Amazon is a massive company but I just read this and when you take a moment to think it through you realise it is way bigger than you can even imagine! Great article.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Trying to assess just how enormous Amazon Web Services (s amzn) is has become a sort of parlor game among techies. Counting servers is as good a way as any to get a grip on its size and the latest to take a stab at that is Netcraft, which pegs the numbers of AWS web-facing servers at 158,000, up from 118,000 such servers in September, 2012. (Hat tip to Data Center Knowledge for pointing out this interesting research.)

Netcraft AWS metricsNetcraft also said the number of websites hosted on these web-facing AWS workhorses soared 71 percent to  11.6 million in may from 6.8 million in September. Gulp.

In other exploratory forays, just over a year ago an Accenture analyst, using his own methodology, put the total count of AWS servers at 450,000 or so, but that figure included boxes in the guts of the system, not just web-facing servers. In April…

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Author: ABC Accounting Services

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